While you are in an interview session with an employer, one of the most tempting mistakes to avoid is complaining about your former company or boss. No matter how bad your former boss was, or how much you hated your earlier job, it is important that you avoid mentioning this during your interview as this could be very harming.

In this case, honesty is not the best policy to be applied and even if your former boss was a jerk, you need to be calm and abstain from venting your frustration. This could give out a wrong impression of you and curb your chances to get the job. No one likes a complaining employee. You would only prove yourself to be a whining candidate like this.

So, even if you left a job just because your boss was a jerk or egomaniac, or he abused you in front of others, don’t utter a word about this in your interview.

Same is the case for your company and your job. It could be that your company was not a good platform for career development. May be it is a very bad place for professionals and the work culture is poisonous, still don’t bad mouth it in front of others. If you at all have to say anything like your growth in the company was a big question mark then use good words to convey the some meaning so that you don’t appear as abusive.

The third thing that you must avoid complaining about is your job and responsibilities. Even if your job was boring and you just hated it like hell, don’t reveal this in an interview. A complaining candidate is always taken wrongly, and no matter how well you like the present profile, you will be perceived as someone who will behave the same again.