Have you recently been asked by your employer to relocate?  If you have been, you are not alone.  Each year, thousands of individuals are asked about relocating by their employers.  In today’s society, many companies are finding it difficult and costly to run a business. This is what leads many companies to consider downsizing or moving their headquarters to areas in which it is cheaper to operate a business.  With this common occurrence, you may find yourself being asked by your employer to relocate.

If you have been asked by your employer to relocate, you may be unsure as to how you should proceed.  One of the best ways to determine if relocating for your job is the right decision for you is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of relocation. These advantages and disadvantages can make it easier for you to make the decision that is best for your needs and possibly the needs of your family.  Just a few of the many advantages and disadvantages to relocating that you may want to take into consideration are outlined below.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage to relocating for a job is the fact that you are able to keep your job.  While circumstances may vary, you will often find that you are given three choices when asked to relocate. Those three choices often include accepting the relocation offer, quitting your job, or being fired or laid off.  If you have been faced with these choices, you may want to seriously consider relocating, as it will enable you to keep your job and often your current position, pay, and seniority as well.

Another one of the many advantages to relocating for a job is a fresh start.  Many times, families or individuals just need a chance to start over.  If you or your family are currently unhappy with where you live or life in general, a change may do you good.  It is also important to mention cost of living.  To save money, many companies make the decision to relocate in areas that are known for their low or affordable cost of living.  This is what can enable them to save money.  This low or affordable cost of living may also make it easier, as well as more affordable for you to go about buying a new home and so forth.

Although a fresh start may sound nice for a large number of individuals, it doesn’t mean that it is right for everyone, like you or your family. Relocating may be difficult or even impossible for you to do if you have a spouse who is currently employed or if you have a teenager is satisfied with their current school and friends.  These are all factors to consider.  With that in mind, relocation isn’t a decision that you should make on your own, especially if you have a family.  It is a decision that should involve everyone who would be impacted, in one way or another, with relocation.

The cost of relocation is another disadvantage or downside to doing so.  With that in mind, it is advised that you speak with your employer about assistance.  If you aren’t given a choice or if your employer wants to keep you on their team, you may be able to get financial assistance for relocating.  This financial assistance, if it is offered, will likely vary, but you should be able to get assistance with the hiring of a moving company, as well as the cost of gasoline or airline tickets to your new destination.  Even if financial assistance for relocating is not offered, it would not hurt for you to at least inquire about it.

The above mentioned factors are just a few of the many factors that you will want to take into consideration if you are ever given the opportunity to relocate.  As a reminder, the decision to relocate is one that should be made in conjunction with you, your employer, as well as your family.