Most people have thought that the healthcare industry is all about careers and care giving. The truth is, there numerous career opportunities that can be filled by anyone who is qualified. In fact, healthcare career opportunities are one of the fastest growing in the world.

Here is the list of the top ten hottest careers in the Healthcare Industry:

1. Medical Records Technicians

Medical Records Technicians have the main responsibility of maintaining and evaluating the accuracy of a patient’s medical records such as exam results, medical history, lab reports, diagnosis etc. An associate degree from a college is needed with a wide experience in science and medicine. Average annual salary $30,000

2. Mental Health Counselor

Mental Health Counselors work with people to cure emotional and emotional disorders to maximize mental health using a variety of therapies. To fill a post, a master’s degree is usually required to be licensed as a counselor; a graduate study is also a plus factor. Average annual salary: $40,000

3. Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists encode dictated recordings created by doctors and other medical professionals such as reports, observations and correspondence that may eventually become part of the patient’s medical files. A medical transcriptionist can be trained in a special school or a vocational center where one can earn a certificate of training. Average annual salary is $25,000

4. Laboratory Technicians

Lab technicians conduct examinations that will lead to the diagnosis or detection of a disease. They can also analyze and report it to the attending physician of the patient. A bachelor’s degree in medical technology is needed. A wide experience is a plus factor and will rake in extra bucks. Average annual salary is $27,000

5. Medical and health service managers

Health service managers devise, manage and coordinate healthcare services. A master’s degree in health sciences or public health is necessary requirement for the job. However, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for some job openings. Average annual salary is $55,000

6. Medical scientists

Medical scientists conduct research on human diseases to provide necessary information to devise practical solutions to human health diseases. These results include vaccines and medicated drugs. Medical scientists can also perform clinical investigations, transcription, drug examination and technical writing. A doctorate degree in biology is very necessary to fill the post. Average annual salary is $90,000

7. Social Workers

Social workers help families, people and groups to cope up during a fatal disease, mental abuse or emotional problems rooted to social factors. A bachelor’s degree in social work or sociology is required for this career. Average annual salary is $60,000

8. Physical therapists

Physical therapists offer services that result to restoration of body functions, enhance mobility, relieve pain and avoid permanent damage to patients with physical disabilities. A degree in physical therapy is needed to fill this job. Average annual salary is $55,000

9. Doctor Assistants

Assistants to a doctor can also provide diagnosis, therapies and preventive services as directed by the physician. Average annual salary is $63,000

10. Pharmacists

Pharmacists distribute drugs prescribed by doctors. They can also inform patients about the medications and their proper use. They can also provide proper information on dosage, side effects and contraindications. A degree from a college of pharmacy is needed for this job. Average annual salary is $80,000