Most countries in the European Union offer lucrative career opportunities for job seekers from anywhere around the world. Most people have dreamed of working in Europe because of high salary and favorable working environment.

If you are interested in working in Europe, here is the list of the ten hottest careers:

1. Pharmaceutical Researcher

Europe is the home of large pharmaceutical companies which operates around the world. They are investing large amount of money to find treatments and cure of various diseases including AIDS and cancer. With the increasing demand for these cures, pharmaceutical researchers are in demand to conduct relevant research funded by the government or private organizations.

2. Information Technology Consultant

With the overwhelming boom of internet technology, the number of internet users increase every year. Information Technology Consultants are in great demand to sustain the high interest of internet clients by offering advisory services in creating interfaces in employing IT in different fields such as business, education, medicine and law.

3. Game Developers

European game developers are competing with the Chinese market. With the increasing number of people hooked into internet gaming, the market demands for people who have the creativity and the knowledge in creating games and entertainment software.

4. Software Analysts

Software analysts are responsible in transforming the complicated systems language into a form that can be understood by anyone. They are needed to explore different computer software that are needed in business operations since most companies are now venturing with automated systems to increase efficiency of their operations.

5. Financial Consultants

Financial Consultants are needed for their advisory services for personal and corporate individuals. Most people have personal financial problems and they are in need to consult financial experts to guide them with the methods and techniques they can employ. Private companies and businesses also sought the services of financial consultants.

6. Pharmacists

Pharmacy is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in Europe since the number of drug products is also increasing. Pharmacists are mainly responsible in providing patients with drug information such as prescriptions, contraindications, description, adverse and side effects.

7. Investment Analysts

Basically, investment analysts work to manage funds converged by small investors. The main remuneration of investment analysts depends on the amount of money they can make for their clients in form of commissions and bonuses. Some investment analysts can work in private companies in their large-scale investment. However this aspect of investing analysis is very complicated.

8. Business Management Consultants

Most businesses invest largely to know the methods and techniques they can use to avoid financial crisis. Since the economic recession and meltdown of huge European business empires, this field has been booming as businessmen would like to be very sure before they can enter a business venture.

9. University Professors

Since the number of retiring professors is increasing, there is a great demand for young professional who are qualified to fill the post of professors in the university. However, the road of entering as a professor in a European University is very long since it would require long years of study and experience before they can enjoy the large salary and benefits of a professor.

10. Accountants

Most large companies in Europe are in need of Accountants who are responsible in overseeing the financial operations of business.