As the world economy continues to fail and falter, job careers in 2010 are also expected to decrease. However, if you are lucky enough and highly qualified to be in one of these top professions, your future career is still secured. Read over this list and consider seeking the right education and skills for the job that you are mostly interested in.

1. Software Programmer. (Average Salary: $ 70,000)Most companies from almost all sectors are looking for software professionals and programmers as a response to the increasing dependency of the modern society to technology.

2. Career Counselor. (Average Salary: $ 55,000) More people are starting education without a possible career and aptitude in mind. How can these people gain a job? From placement agencies to government programs, career counselors are in demand to help these people as most of them are expected to think over their career prospective.

3. Networking Manager. (Average Salary: $ 55,000) Since most modern businesses are assisted with computer networks, professionals who can sort out complicated network systems are highly in demand. Network Managers are the people needed to maintain a business’ infrastructure and keep them up to date.

4. Public Relations Manager. (Average Salary: $ 45,000) The new trend in the field of public relations is not for new products, innovations or exciting business strategies. Rather, public relations managers will be busy in 2009 in telling the story of a failing economy without making people scream in panic.

5. Engineers (Average Salary: $ 70,000) Even though, the automated business decreased the hiring of skilled labors and service employees, it is however in need of engineers who will build automated systems and programs. In the US, the current demand is 100,000 every year.

6. Medical Technician (Average Salary: $ 35,000) of course nurses are in demand, but how about the people in the healthcare field aside from doctors and nurses? Well, there is also a great demand for medical technicians who are needed to operate laboratory and medical equipment such as CAT scan technicians, lab assistants and nursing aides. Healthcare has been the largest industry in most countries, and this industry is not composed entirely of doctors and nurses.

7. Auditor. (Average Salary: $ 65,000) With the economic falter due to failed economic policies and anomalous famed business meltdowns, most businesses are in need of watchmen to scrutinize every financial operation. Also, the money from the stimulus package needs to be audited.

8. Factoring. (Average Salary: $ 80,000) Now wait, have you ever heard of a factoring. No folks, this is not about a factory. Well, if you have studied algebra you have more than likely encountered this term. Factoring is now a trend in small businesses for extra funding based on their accounts receivable. This is entirely legal where entrepreneurs can seek help when other types of loans are not available.

9. Counselor (Average Salary: $ 40,000) Aside from people’s financial problems, we need to be advised to boost self-esteem and aptitude. Normally, a person’s worth is tied up in their careers and when failed, it could lead to mental and emotional crisis. That is why counselors and professional in mental health services are in great demand.

10. Nurse. (Average Salary: $ 60,000) The Healthcare Industry has been in a boom for quite some time and as the current demand suggests, this trend will continue for at least some more time.