Employment agencies in Atlanta primarily serve four purposes:

• Finding jobs for unemployed or previously employed people
• Screening and matching job seekers according to qualifications
• Recruiting and installing qualified applicants into companies
• Working with employers to fill vacant posts

Like most agencies, employment agencies in Atlanta are subdivided into executive recruitment, temporary staffing firm, students’ employment office and talent agencies. However, before committing yourself to their services, you must first determine an employment agency’s credibility (just as they determine yours.)

Employment agencies in Atlanta (both public and private) are by law, required to have state licenses from the Department of Labor and permits to operate in the said state. Both licenses and permits must be displayed prominently within the walls of the agencies. Private employment agencies in Atlanta or those privately owned placement agencies have additional permits and licenses which must also be displayed. If these are not to be seen anywhere in the agency that you are applying for, inquire about them.

Most employment agencies in Atlanta offer more than job placement and skills testing. Some will offer career development training like:
• Cover letter writing (usually for executive recruitment)
• Resume writing
• Interviewing skills
• Worker’s rights and privileges seminars
• Etc.

Employing the aid of such agencies, you must first be firm (and hopefully qualified) in the jobs you wish to pursue. Misrepresentation of jobs is against federal law, and both job applicant and agency will answer for this lapse in judgment. Also by being specific with your chosen “field” of interest, you can choose among the many employment agencies in Atlanta that will serve your needs better and faster.

For example, if you have a degree/certification/license in nursing, but you wish to be assigned only to hospital facilities, you can approach medical employment agencies to help you find a placement in such facilities that specialize in cardiology, or trauma or neonatal care. If however, you prefer assignments elsewhere, medical employment agencies can then help you find a placement in facilities like occupational therapy, physical rehabilitation and even in educational centers that accommodates nurses’ training.

Not all employment agencies work or have the same scope of assistance. Some agencies will simply lead you to a list of job openings and leave the rest to you. You have to follow up on results and applications on your own. Meanwhile, other agencies will assist you in most every aspect of your job hunting expedition from letter writing to following through with your contract after hiring. Temp or temporary employment agencies will even give you a proficiency test to verify if you have the needed skills for the jobs available.

Another aspect you may want to consider is the rates. Different employment agencies in Atlanta will have different rates. Some agencies will require a portion of your salary on the first year that you are employed. Others become veritably your “employer,” supplying you with your paycheck for every accomplished job.