Writing your first resume as a high school graduate is sometimes a very challenging activity, not because a high school student can’t write a great resume but simply because there is little work information or educational information to put on the application. A few simple resume writing tips can help any resume look more polished, professional and more complete.

Resume writing tips for high school students are different in many aspects than resume writing tips for professionals or those with additional work experience or education. The following resume writing tips will help high school students write the best possible resume to get an interview for that summer work experience or an internship for college.

Stay Focussed On The Relevant Information

It is important when there is only a limited work experience to clearly highlight the relevant parts of the previous job or jobs to what is required for the job you are applying for. If you wish to work as a cashier and previously worked in the school concession stand, be sure to indicate that you were responsible for processing sales transactions, making change and balancing the register after your shift ended if these were duties you regularly completed.

Never assume that the reader will know all the aspects of your past jobs. List specific training you had for the job such as computer training, first aide training or even customer service training if it is applicable.

List Your Extracurricular Interests and Hobbies

This is particularly important if you have volunteered or belong to any specific organizations or associations that are related to the field of work you are applying for. If you have volunteered in the school, at a child care center, at the community center or even in a business or charity be sure to list these clearly and indicate your responsibilities.

If you belong to any particular school type associations such as an honor club or society or a high school program that you have had a leadership role in be sure to add enough detail to allow the resume reader to understand your responsibilities.

List Your Special Skills

One of the most valuable of the resume writing tips available is to ensure that you take the time to list your special skills. This can be skills such as proficiency with computers, ability to speak another language, knowledge of sign language, and experience with working with special needs individuals. Many of the special skills may be things that you learned outside of school or even in your own home, they are still marketable skills in the workplace.

Most importantly in considering the various resume writing tips it is very important to not embellish or overstate your qualifications or skills. Be strong, positive and enthusiastic in your resume, but also be realistic. An employer will understand a younger person has less experience and education but that does not mean that they are not well qualified for an entry level position within the agency. Being honest on your resume will give the employer a clear picture of your many skills and talents.