An interview is mostly about the interviewers asking questions to you. However, sometimes it becomes necessary for you to ask questions to the interviewers. It helps in striking a conversation and getting to know more about the expectations of the employer and the need f the company. Some of the important questions that you must ask to your interview are:

Who according to you is an ideal employee? What according to you should he be like? An answer to this question will reveal what the employer is trying to find in you. Listen to the answer carefully and try to explain how close you are to his requirement in a very humble manner.

You can ask them what the other people in the office are like. This will help you understand how close and understanding your boss is. Try to catch the tone of his/ her voice. Is he or she enthusiastic about the team, or disappointed? This will help you to understand the employer better.

Ask them how a team member succeeds in their team. Hopefully she/ he will give you a clear picture of the job role and requirements of the job. It will also help you understand the expectations and answer their questions accordingly. This will even help you in your job if you are selected. You can also them about the goals that an employee should keep to succeed in life. Give your employer importance and listen to their answers carefully.

Another important thing to ask is that how do they think is that best way to solve a problem. The answer to this question will give you an insight to their management sight.

As your employer answers your questions, study his/ her body language. Try to figure out if she /he was open to the questions and answered them thoughtfully or just side lined the answers.