In finding a job after graduation, which will you consider? The best paid jobs or the hot jobs? Which is more important when you want a lifelong satisfaction and careers success?

Actually, there is no best answer for this. The best job to choose depends on what your interests are. When you want a best paid career, you should always think about which of these jobs are projected for growth in the succeeding years. After all, the best jobs you can find will be those that are not only with high payoffs but are still “hot” or in demand for at least ten years.

So, let’s take a closer look…

The Best Paid Careers

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that the jobs with the best payoffs will also be in great demand in the coming years. These careers are:

1. Medical Aids, Physicians, Surgeons
2. Business Leaders
3. Lawyers
4. Ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians
5. Sports Professionals
6. Information Technology Professionals
7. Sales Managers
8. Therapists
9. Systems managers
10. Network Analysts

Other high-paying careers that might be in demand in the following years will include: health managers, nursing aides, marketing analysts, dental services.

It’s very clear that the health care industry is not only a rewarding job that you may want to consider. However, let me warn you in choosing your job based on how much you need to make. Of course, most of us like making money. It pays the bills and buys material things. However, as the old saying goes, “money is not everything.” Think about it. Maybe your current job is a six-figure career, but does it give you satisfaction and your worth? Should we be doing something we don’t love?

If we can find a job that promises to be high-paying careers and you think that it is something that you will enjoy, that will be great!

But if not, you should carefully think of your choices and interests before you sign a job contract. After all, the best paid careers are those jobs that pay not only a high amount, but also provide satisfaction and happiness.

Another way to view things is to look for “hot” careers or those jobs that are now in great demand. These hot careers in the future will give you some ideas on what might be the best jobs for you. One right way to evaluate these careers is going through a list produced by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This government agency ranks the best careers from 2009 to 2019 on the speed of the career growth.

The careers that the BLS has predicted to increase over the few succeeding years are:

1. Medical aides
2. Network Analysts
3. Surgeon Aides
4. Social Workers
5. Home Health Aides
6. Medical Transcriptionists
7. Physical Therapists
8. Software Engineers
9. Systems Engineers
10. Physical Therapy Aides

Confidently, most of us will see many job opportunities for examination among the highest-paid careers and hottest careers lists, if you are considering making a career move in the next few years. Obviously, you have to find careers that are important for you, your interests, aptitudes, skills, experience and education.

The best way to find a rewarding career is to use more resources, as competition is very tough these days.