Like most agencies, employment agencies in Georgia help match workers to companies seeking to fill its manpower vacancies. Employment services include executive recruitment, temporary staffing firm, students’ employment office and talent agencies.

Employment agencies in Georgia accommodate executive recruitment. This is a “third” body recruiter or recruitment agency that mediates between client companies and job applicants. They can act as: specialists in client relationships in business and sales development, or specialists in the screening and recruiting of candidates – human sourcing, as it is called. In some cases, executive recruitment can work as both client specialist and recruiter.

Temporary staffing firms or temporary employment agencies in Georgia, as the word suggests, helps large companies fill out temporarily available jobs. Often, there is a large overlap in the work force that the deserving transitory workers are eventually “absorbed” by the company. Usually, temporary agencies help workers fill vacancies in the fields of accounting, health care, janitorial and maintenance, light industrial, secretarial and technical. Temporary employment agencies in Georgia are often listed in local phone books (under “employment” or “temp employment”) but they also have listings posted in the Internet. These employment agencies however, only accept personal applications.

Student employment agencies in Georgia are located in the state’s established colleges and universities. These also offer temporary and/or part time work, but with great deference to the student’s education and schedule.

Talent agencies are dedicated to installing actors, musicians, models and other performers specifically into entertainment jobs. There are multiple talent agencies in the US but most, if not all of them, including talent employment agencies in Georgia are governed by artists’ unions and legal jurisdiction dictated by geography.

Unlike other agencies however, employment agencies in Georgia are governed by GAPS or Georgia Association of Personnel Services. This is a non-profit trade association consisting of various Personnel Staffing Services Firms all over the state of Georgia. This is primarily directed to the hiring companies, corporations, partnerships or any individual seeking manpower. As of 2005, there are over 150 business firms and branches that have the GAPS seal of approval. Companies that are registered with GAPS enjoy privileges monthly information forums and extensive networking.

Although this association is directed at the employers, it also seeks to protect worker’s rights. Georgia Association of Personnel Services has an Educational Institute that sponsors industry-related seminars, worker skills training, training programs for advanced and rookie consultants.
All in all, there are about 1,500 employment agencies in Georgia as of 2006, and many more are emerging due to the high demands of a skilled work force. Some employment agencies have even become skill learning center and some have specialized in only providing health care workers like trained nurses and hospital aids.